And Just Like That…It’s A Disaster

It has been eleven years since we last heard from Carrie Bradshaw and co. Ever since the release of Sex and the City 2, fans have been hungry for more. And Just Like That is finally here but we couldn’t help but wonder, is it worth a watch? This a spoiler filled post if you have not watched And Just Like That as of yet.

The show opens in true Sex and the City fashion. Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda are all heading out for lunch because after all these years, what else would they do? Wait a minute, something’s missing. Well actually, someone is missing as Samantha Jones is now living in London as far away from her friends as possible. There has been a lot of speculation over how the series would address Samantha’s absence. Rumors surfaced she would be killed off but the show leaves it up to a new job across the pond.

Carrie and Miranda discuss a fall out between Samantha and them, which feels too on the nose. As we all know Kim Cattrall isn’t returning and has issues with Parker, so there was no need to bring that into the fictional storyline. Without Samantha, And Just Like That is truly lacking in charisma and charm.

For a show that is a follow on from Sex and the City, it is truly sexless. The only sex scene within these first two episodes is one with Miranda’s son Brady and his girlfriend. That’s right, Miranda’s baby boy is now 17 and sexually active but did we really need to see it? Although the women are all married, settled and not having as much casual sex, the original show was edgy with the sex scenes and this is just bland.

The show has no problem reminding you this is taking place in 2021. The forced COVID-19 referencing is so painful. Carrie’s first line in the series, “Remember when we had to legally stand six feet apart from each other?”, reminding you this is a modern update of a show from the 90s. Carrie also mentions lockdown in her and Big’s luxury apartment. These women are still living in their ignorant white privilege and none of them are key workers so COVID-19 did not need a shout out.

Something else that the show suffers from is a forced “wokeness”. The show has introduced three characters of color (one of whom is non binary and queer), which was a big criticism of the original show. It feels like it is too little and too late. These characters are only there to act as sidekicks to the three white leads. Miranda has a white ignorance moment in her first class at university and comments on Nya Wallace’s braids. Miranda has a huge issue with trying to be politically correct and not act as a “white savior” at times. These women are not modern women by any sense although they try, they’re still stuck in the 90s.

And Just Like That truly suffers from the same thing that Sex and the City 2 suffers from. The flashiness is too much, we get it these women have money and are set for life. The fashion is of course a beloved element of the show and one of the stronger elements. Miranda takes the subway, which none of the girls did before but that doesn’t take away from the fact these women are the height of white privilege.

In terms of where the women are at in their lives, Carrie has gone from being a writer to being an influencer and podcaster. The annoying Carrie Bradshaw is And Just Like That‘s answer to Gabbie Hanna, only with better clothing. Charlotte faces the trials of raising two very different teenage girls. Lily is Charlotte’s girly, piano playing daughter and Rose is a tomboy who could potentially have a storyline involving her gender identity. This may rub Charlotte, a woman who is all about labels, the wrong way. Miranda has quit practicing law and is now getting her masters. And Just Like That completely ruins Miranda’s character turning her into a Karen who is ignorant and unlikeable.

Miranda’s only redeeming quality is that she embraces her new grey hair, which Charlotte is very critical about. This is telling of the new “fifty-five and fabulous” message the show is aiming for. Although these characters are beloved by Sex and the City fans, they feel almost like parodies of themselves in this new reboot series.

The first episode ends with a major plot twist. Whilst Carrie attends Lily’s piano recital at the Manhattan School of Music, Mr. Big has a heart attack and dies. Carrie comes home to find him lying beside the running shower. The scene is very emotional and the duo of Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth perform this scene so beautifully. For eagle eyed fans of the franchise, you would have noticed Carrie is wearing the shoes Big gave her in Sex and the City: The Movie. Although this twist has fans reeling, we couldn’t help but wonder was it necessary? This feels like a cheap attempt to write Chris Noth out as he initially didn’t want to return. It’s interesting to see how Carrie deals with this loss but it didn’t take the show to the next level.

Overall And Just Like That is tonally all over the place. This reboot lacks the charisma of the original series and this is definitely in large part to the absence of Samantha. There is no doubt that that will get renewed for a second season because of the fanfare surrounding it. And Just Like That does not have soul or spirit, it is quite simply another ploy to make money for everyone involved. If you’re looking for great Sex and the City content watch the original series and disregard this reboot because it is not worth the time. And Just Like That, it was a waste of time.

Rating: 2/5

And Just Like That is available to watch on HBOMAX and Now.

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