Cam M. Drops Her New Single “burn

Still just a teenager, Cam M – Camille Merendail – has been singing since she was young and began writing her own songs and performing from around the age of 13. In the last five years or so, she’s worked tirelessly to hone her craft, both on and off stage, with each of her songs – she released her debut “Lie To Me“ in November of last year – deeply personal to her in some form or another. 2021 has proven to be a strong year for this rising star, who also has an album dropping soon. In the meantime, her new single “burn <3” is perhaps one of her strongest releases to date and with her name under the vocal and lyrical credits, the track also features instrumental production by Mario W. Garraffo, and mixing and mastering by Squillante Productions.

In her own words, Cam says that “burn <3” is: “…about not giving the satisfaction of intimacy to someone who has hurt me, even if I am attracted to them. There are multiple rather personal stories behind this song, but I’ve essentially developed too much pride and self-respect to romantically involve myself with people who cannot prove they deserve it. I cannot continue to allow myself to give more than I receive. This is also a song that allows me to feel powerful against those who try to use my emotions and even more so, my body against me.”

Give “burn <3” a listen below and for more information on Cam M., visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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