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EVERGLOW is a name that might be more recent to the industry, but in that time, the collective girl group title alone has proven to earn millions of views for their edgy take on K-pop. Through their debut single “Bon Bon Chocolat” the group found a massive, trusting following, and the video itself went on to achieve over 100 million views on YouTube. While that could seem difficult to top, the group then went on to his over 100 million with “LA DI DA” and nearly 250 million views for their hard-hitting track “DUN DUN” thus proving themselves as a group that refuses to fizzle out after transitioning through post-rookie hype.

EVERGLOW has also found their music landing on South Korea’s Gaon charts, demonstrating the ability to be artists who recognize the necessity and power of streaming. With several million monthly listeners and over half a billion views, EVERGLOW has had no issue being discovered by mainstream listeners – earning over 20 award nominations to date. The six-member group has repeatedly earned massive nominations for the Asia Artist Awards each passing year since debut, going on to nab their first massive win for Best Music Video earlier this year. To accommodate their fans’ desire for live performances, but still abide by complications of live venues, EVERGLOW recently performed their first official concert (virtually) titled Everglow 1st Online Concert “THE FIRST” and teasing a series of more Everglow concerts to come. 

Now, EVERGLOW debuted their brand new EP Return of the Girl putting them back on the map before the year’s end and putting together a vibrant show with their comeback single “Pirate”. Fulfilling the obligations of its name, the group takes on a healthy mixture of styles with repetition-worthy highlight choreography and a chorus that works its way into your brain for extended periods of time. The music video then goes the extra mile to protect their reputation for both fashion and musical boldness, bringing several stunning visuals to their already up-to-par comeback era. 

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With “Pirate” now out, and the music video approaching over 40 million views, we had the chance to learn all about their love for the concept and Return of the Girl by conducting a rapid-fire Q&A with the talented group. 

Your new lead single “Pirate” was quickly introduced as a strong return with a memorable beat and a fun choreography preview – what was the first thing about that song that you each fell in love with? 

YIREN: I immediately knew the song was for EVERGLOW the first time I heard it. It was not only more fierce than our previous songs but also super energetic like a party song. I remember just instinctively swaying my body to the song. 

ONDA: I think the highly addictive melody was the biggest reason we fell in love with the song! I kept singing the part that goes ‘let me introduce myself’ over and over again after I heard the song for the first time! The song is hard to forget, and the more you think about it the more you’ll fall in love with it! 

The music video has a lot of fun ambition as well! What would you see felt like a group highlight, or even an experience, for the “Pirate” video? 

E:U: We put lots of effort and time into the choreography for ‘Pirate’. We’d like for you to carefully pay attention to the choreography in our music video, as well as each member’s solo scenes. The solo scenes came out really well and you’ll be able to see each of our individual charms. 

The concept photos you released were absolutely spectacular! Very sci-fi meets runway fashion, and each of your looks and group shots is so captivating – who would you say had the best, or most natural time stepping into these performance personas for your new era? 

SIHYEON: I think each member blended in well with the concept in their own way. We initially thought that the “space pirate” concept might be a bit obscure, but each and every one of us interpreted it well by adding their own unique color to it. 

There’s also “Don’t Speak” which has some interesting and fun retro influences! When it comes to different decades or particular styles of music, what other eras does EVERGLOW hope to incorporate? 

MIA: We’re really willing to try any genre from any era for EVERGLOW’s overall musical range and diversity. 

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Then we have “Nighty Night” which has the always reliable energetic EVERGLOW sound – but a little slowed down to show off a fun change of pace. Can you share your favorite part/moment of recording that song? 

AISHA: My favorite part from when we were first recording “Nighty Night” was probably singing, “bunny bunny little bunny”. I really like the cute lyrics and dreamy inspired melody. It’s also my favorite part of the song!

You’re becoming hugely influential artists in the streaming era – with over 500 million views across your music videos so far! As your platform grows, how does that change (or affect) your goals as young artists? 

E:U: Music is expanding its territory into the internet and mobile environment a lot quicker. To keep up with this change, we’re trying to become versatile artists that can communicate with a wider range of content and music for our fans.

If you had to pick a song from your new mini-album that best represented your life at this very moment – what would you choose? 

ONDA: I think that would be our title song ‘Pirate’! It conveys our bold ambition that EVERGLOW will one day lead the world with our very own style. This ambition reflects the effort we’re putting into EVERGLOW as a group, as well as our commitment to having a positive impact on as many of our fans as possible. 

Finally, what has been something as a group that you’ve been most eager to share with the world as Return of the Girl is released?

E:U: We want to share our voices through EVERGLOW’s own unique music. We hope you listen to the lyrics as well; we put lots of thought and special meaning into them!

Return of the Girl is available now, and make sure to watch the music video for “Pirate” included above!

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