Is film casting dominated by a compact amount of women of all ages?

Previous 7 days I had a (great-natured) e-mail trade with a reader who asked a follow-up question to my piece entitled ‘Are flicks dominated by a compact range of previous male composers?’.

The analysis uncovered that 95% of movie composers have been men, and that just the leading 20 film composers accounted for 48.2% of box office gross about three decades.

The reader posited that this wasn’t an concern as it was a issue of decision and pointed out that women dominate other roles. They proposed that if we examined casting administrators then we would discover the precise exact same predicament but inverted.

In no way one particular to shrink from a challenge, I took up that job. I gathered information on all reside-motion videos introduced in US cinemas in between 2000 and 2019, skipping 2020 as the deficiency of cinemas would make it challenging to hold the standards reliable. There extra information on my methodology at the end of this piece.

What percentage of casting administrators are girls?

Let’s commence by seeking at the gender split among casting directors. Of all the big resourceful roles on movies, casting directors are most seriously dominated by females, with 73.5% of such credits heading to women. This outcome has been rather consistent throughout the twenty years I studied.

In actuality, most careers in the casting departments are taken by girls, albeit not quite to the same extent as with the prime position of casting director. In the chart beneath, “Other casting staff” consist of assistants, associates, interns, co-ordinators and other these types of roles.

So when it is correct that the large vast majority of casting administrators are gals, it’s not as stark a result as that of composers (in which 19 out of 20 were adult males).

Is the casting globe dominated by a little quantity of women of all ages?

Subsequent we turn to search at regardless of whether the market is dominated by a handful of people. I identified 1,452 people today who experienced received at least a single casting director credit history in the ten years up to, and including, 2019. The most prolific of those was Mary Vernieu, who forged Knives Out, Promising Youthful Girl and Looper, to title but a number of of her numerous credits. In actuality, Mary’s credits account for 2.1% of all casting director credits more than the 10 years.

Having said that, the composer analogy was linked to share of box business gross, not just sheer selection of credits. This leading location her goes to Sarah Finn, who cast quite a few of Disney and Marvel epics. 4.4% of the US box workplace gross went to motion pictures she is credited as getting solid.

This reflects a ability law that exists in quite a few pieces of the movie business. In this case, it’s that the most prosperous casting administrators are wildly more prosperous than most of their friends. The a few pie charts underneath illustrate this in action.

The to start with, (labelled as “People”), focuses on the range of people included, revealing that 57% of people who obtain any casting director credit rating do not go on to get a next. The next chart (“Credits”) exhibits that 48% of casting director credits go to individuals who attained much more than ten these kinds of credits. The last chart (“Budget”) reveals the share of the merged production budgets, revealing that 61% of the revenue is expended on jobs forged by men and women with extra than ten credits.

In the case of composers, the leading 20 credited men and women worked on jobs which accounted for 48.2% of the domestic box business gross. The figure is lessen for casting administrators, with the best 20 accounting for 31.8% of collected income. We have to widen our criteria to the major 40 of casting directors to arrive at 48% of the whole gross.

So was the reader ideal to advise that the stats on casting administrators are the inverse of composers? Certainly and no. Although the huge bulk of casting administrators are females and a smaller variety of men and women get the lions share of the interest, the results are not as extreme as they are with composers.

A couple other casting director stats…

Right before we finish, I needed to share a handful of other matters I found in the course of today’s research. Across all the videos I analyzed, 55% had just just one casting director, 32% had two, 9% had 3 and 4% experienced much more than three.

We observed earlier that the gender split among the casting administrators had remained fairly static above the earlier two many years. The same is real for the typical range of casting directors on a movie, averaging at 1.3 across all titles. Given the big adjustments we viewed in other roles in excess of this period, it is noteworthy that the casting earth appears to have held company over these types of a prolonged period of time of time.

Last but not least, the style of the movie seems to only have a very delicate effect on the range of credited casting administrators. Musical had the fewest (an ordinary of 1.2 per motion picture) and sports films obtaining the most (1.6 per motion picture).


Today’s exploration looked at stay-motion aspect movies which opened in North American cinemas in between 1st January 2000 and 31st December 2019. The uncooked facts will come from IMDb, The Figures/OpusData and Wikipedia.

I was fairly surprised that one in five films do not credit score a casting director in on the net listings. This is owing to a combine of producers publishing incomplete credit score lists and the persons included not bothering to incorporate their past credits. The flicks which lacked casting director credits span the funds vary, which means that some may possibly genuinely not experienced a dedicated casting director (i.e. micro-price range productions where by persons fulfil many roles) while other folks may be assignments solid by very professional casting directors who no lengthier need to depend on on the internet credits for upcoming operate.

To figure out a person’s gender, I utilised publicly accessible data, pronouns (these as in biographies) and initially name investigation (i.e. if 99% of people today named Daniel are male then I have regarded each Daniel with an unknown gender as male). If there was any one for whom I could not reliably establish a gender, then they were not incorporated in the charts which show a share break up. These “unknown” persons accounted for just 2.3% of the credits. I enjoy that this research will take no account of gender fluidity or other kinds of self-identification. That is not a mindful decision but rather a consequence of doing exploration at this scale. If any individual can recommend a way of getting this on board in the research procedure then I am really eager to hear it. Please drop me a line and we can chat it as a result of.

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